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ACLU of Colorado Supports Legislative Measures to Increase Police Accountability and Transparency

March 18, 2015

DENVER – A bipartisan package of ten bills was introduced yesterday in the Colorado legislature to increase transparency and accountability in police practices and to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the local communities that they serve.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado issued the following statement:

“The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado applauds members of the Colorado legislature for coming together in a broad, bipartisan fashion to introduce a set of measures aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in police practices and rebuilding trust between Colorado communities and their law enforcement agencies.

“The ACLU of Colorado has been a long-time proponent of many of the policies introduced in the package, including improvements to police training, increased proper use of body-worn cameras, more public disclosure, oversight, and accountability for use of force incidents and officer-involved shootings, and prohibition of profiling in all forms and against all people.

“While recent high-profile events, settlements, and judgments in Colorado have increased public awareness of the growing confidence gap between police and their local communities, particularly communities of color, problems with excessive use of force and racial bias, whether conscious or not, are widespread and long-standing, not limited to a few isolated incidents or ‘bad actors.’  Again, we applaud those lawmakers who have recognized the size and scope of these issues and have responded with an impressive initial set of solutions.  We will be tracking these proposals closely and encouraging their passage in the strongest possible form.”

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