SB16-181: Sentencing Juveniles Convicted Of Class 1 Felonies

In Miller v. Alabama (2012), the United States supreme court held that imposing a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole on a juvenile is a cruel and unusual punishment prohibited by the eighth amendment to the United States … Continue reading

SB16-180: DOC Program For Juvenile Offenders

The bill requires the department of corrections (department) to develop and implement a program for offenders who were sentenced to an adult prison for a felony offense committed while the offender was less than 18 years of age and who … Continue reading

SB16-164: Private Probation Summons And Complaint

Under current law, a probationer may be supervised by a private probation supervision provider. The bill clarifies that a private probation supervision provider has the authority to issue a summons and file a complaint with the court for a probationer … Continue reading

SB16-150: Marriages By Individuals In Civil Unions

The bill addresses issues that have arisen in Colorado regarding marriages by individuals who are in a civil union or who entered or who will enter into a civil union after the passage of the bill. The bill amends the … Continue reading

SB16-146: Modernize Statutes Sexually Transmitted Infections

The bill updates the statutes related to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to conform with current medical knowledge by applying provisions that previously only applied to HIV to all STIs. A new definition is established to include HIV and relevant types … Continue reading

SB16-132: BAC Test Results Not Public Information

The bill states that the database compiled by the department of public health and environment (department) containing the results of tests of persons’ blood alcohol content and drug content, and all records and data thereof, are not public information. The … Continue reading

SB16-118: Screening To Identify Prenatal Substance Exposure

The bill directs the department of public health and environment (department) to identify a screening questionnaire related to prenatal substance exposure. Information gathered from a screening questionnaire may not be used for either criminal purposes or to justify contact with … Continue reading

SB16-116: Private Company Accurate Criminal History Data

The bill makes it a deceptive trade practice under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act for a private custodian of criminal justice records to knowingly fail to remove sealed criminal justice records from the private custodian’s database after receiving a copy … Continue reading

SB16-112: Voter Service & Polling Centers For Early Voting

For general elections, counties with at least 25,000 active electors are currently required to designate at least one voter service and polling center (VSPC) for each 30,000 active electors during the period of early voting. The bill maintains this provision … Continue reading

SB16-102: Repeal Certain Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences

Under current law, a person convicted of certain types of second degree assault and convicted of violating bail bond conditions must be sentenced to a mandatory term of incarceration. This bill removes the mandatory term of incarceration requirement in those … Continue reading