HB 1309 – Right to Counsel in Municipal Court

HB 1309 – A Bill to Safeguard the Right to Counsel in Municipal Court In state and county courts, the public defender is available at first appearance to advocate for release of jailed defendants and to advise these defendants on … Continue reading

Procedures When Orders Require Monetary Payments (End Debtors’ Prisons)

HB 1311 – A Bill to End Debtors’ Prisons in Colorado Read the ACLU of Colorado Fact Sheet on HB 1311 In 2014, the legislature passed HB-1061 with near-unanimous bipartisan support, acting to end debtors’ prisons in Colorado and ensure … Continue reading

Use Of Restraint And Seclusion On Individuals (Youth Solitary)

HB 1328 is a bill to permanently protect children from solitary confinement in Colorado’s juvenile youth corrections facilities. Read the ACLU of Colorado Fact Sheet on HB 1328 Since 1999, Colorado law has prohibited the seclusion of children as punishment. … Continue reading

HB15-1356: State Authority Immigration Enforcement

The bill prohibits a public safety agency from holding or detaining a person beyond the point that he or she is eligible for release based solely on an immigration detainer request or administrative warrant.

SB15-268: Offenses Against Unborn Children

The bill defines person for the purposes of homicide and assault offenses as a human being and includes an unborn child at every stage of gestation from conception until live birth.

SB15-285: A Woman’s Right To Accurate Healthcare Information

The bill requires that accurate ultrasound and medical information be provided by a physician to a woman who may be considering the termination of a pregnancy. The bill requires that a woman provide voluntary and informed consent to an abortion. The bill describes … Continue reading

HB15-1312: DNA Collection Misdemeanor Convictions

The bill would require collection of a DNA sample from a person convicted of any of specified misdemeanors.

HB15-1303: Sentencing For Certain 2nd Degree Assaults

Under the bill, a second-degree assault offense against a peace officer, firefighter, or emergency medical service provider is not necessarily a crime of violence.

HB15-1282: Crimes Of Deception & Lying In Birth Certificates

The bill makes it a class 2 misdemeanor for a birth parent to intentionally omit material information regarding his or her own personal data for use in the preparation of an original birth certificate registering the birth of a child.

SB15-221: Public Transit Officers

The bill eliminates the requirement that the officer be must be engaged in the performance of his or her duties in order to be considered a peace officer.