HB17-1207: No Detention Facility Requirement Youth Ages 10-12

The bill creates provisions that remove the requirements for the department of human services to receive, detain, or provide care for any juvenile who is 10 years of age and older but less than 13 years of age, unless the … Continue reading

HB17-1188: Harassment Sexual Orientation Or Disability

Colorado’s law concerning bias-motivated crimes prohibits the intimidation or harassment of another person because of that person’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation. However, Colorado’s harassment statute makes harassment a … Continue reading

SB17-141: Low-risk Sex Offender Community-based Treatment

The bill requires the sex offender management board, in collaboration with the department of corrections, the judicial department, and the parole board, and in consultation with sex offender research experts, to establish evidence-based criteria for the release of low-risk offenders. … Continue reading

HB17-1204: Juvenile Delinquency Record Expungement

Under current law, there is limited access to juvenile delinquency records. The bill restricts that access by making certain records public only after a court orders that a child be charged as an adult, consistent with recent changes to the … Continue reading

HB17-1162: Outstanding Judgments And Driver’s Licenses

Under current law, an individual who is cited for certain traffic infractions must either pay the penalty assessment or appear in court for a hearing. If the individual neither pays the infraction nor appears for a hearing, the court must … Continue reading

HB17-1172: Penalties For Child Sex Traffickers

The bill requires a court to sentence a person convicted of a class 2 felony for human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude to the department of corrections for a term of at least the minimum of the presumptive … Continue reading

HB17-1177: Mediation For Disputes Arising Under CORA Colorado Open Records Act

Commencing on the effective date of the bill, any person denied the right to inspect documents under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) or who alleges other CORA violations may apply to the state district court in which the record … Continue reading

HB17-1186: Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptives Supply

The bill requires individual and group sickness and accident policies, contracts, or plans that are required under current law to provide contraception coverage to reimburse participating providers or in-network dispensing entities for: • Dispensing prescription contraceptives in a 3-month supply … Continue reading

SB17-136: Reporting And Limiting Civil Forfeiture

The bill requires the division of criminal justice in the department of public safety (division) to establish and maintain a website containing: • Specified information on each criminal forfeiture involving property; and • Specified information on how each governmental agency … Continue reading

SB17-125: Lump-sum Compensation For Exonerated Persons

Current law requires the state to compensate persons who were wrongly convicted of crimes and subsequently incarcerated. Such compensation is paid in annual payments of $100,000 until the state’s duty of compensation is satisfied. The bill allows an exonerated person … Continue reading