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  • Executive Director Nathan Woodliff-Stanley spoke at the marriage equality rally on March 3rd

  • Leisel Kemp, whose brother Jason was killed by CSP after they entered his home without a warrant, spoke at the 2013 Bill of Rights Dinner about the ACLU’s legal advocacy on behalf of her family.

  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind is an original short film from the ACLU of Colorado about a man who has spent 17 years in solitary confinement and now suffers from debilitating mental illness.

Pueblo County ACLU Chapter on the move

Pueblo Organizes and Demands Cessation to Governmental Abuses of Power


Actively organizing to protect our civil liberties, fired up Pueblo County ACLU of Colorado Chapter hosted its first Annual Members Meeting last night at the Historic Pueblo Union Depot.

Nearly 75 people gathered to listen to Lisa Graves, ACLU Senior Counsel for Legislative Strategy in Washington D.C, speak on important issues surrounding constitutionally protected rights, the result of the Patriot Act, and post-9/11 policies. Governmental infringements, such as, National Security Agency (NSA) spying, torture, and government secrecy, were discussed in detail.

Graves’ expertise deepened the understanding of the blatant executive offences and fueled motivation to take a stand. In her speech, she explained that whether or not the country is in a time of war, the Constitution does not protect executive warrantless spying, illegal search and seizures, nor can the president, as he sees fit, supercede civil rights.

“What is happening in Washington, is that a small group of individuals don’t care about the Constitution” said Graves. “It seems as though we are reaching a boiling point. The Right, the Left, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives and progressives have had enough.”

The more than 250 ACLU members in and surrounding Pueblo area agree and have already began to contact Congressional officials demanding a stop to adhering to illegal activities. The Pueblo Chapter recently participated in a statewide ACLU of Colorado Demand the Facts petition drive. More than 1800 petition signatures were delivered to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) last week demanding an investigation into telecommunication companies alleged practice of divulging Coloradoans private phone records to the NSA.

The Annual Meeting further developed the Pueblo County Chapter’s three committees. Attendees were more than excited to participate in several upcoming activities such as the Education Committee’s forums on November ballot initiatives or the Policy Committee’s Get Out and Vote Drive. The Chapter will be working on projects in 14 Southeastern Counties where volunteers and new members are always welcome.

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