Fight Back! Volunteer with ACLU of Colorado

  • What issues interest you?

    Please check as many as you’d like.
  • How would you like to get involved?

    Check as many as interest you.
    Write letters to the editor, join our write-in and call-in efforts, help us phone bank, or lobby your political representatives.
    Take a leadership role in planning events and coordinating grassroots activism in your community. Host an ACLU house party or workshop.
    Help us with our computer needs, such as graphic design, video editing, photography, website design, data entry, and general IT needs.
    Join our Speakers Bureau to present workshops on civil liberties to students, community organizations, and other groups. Help develop our workshops.
    Join us for ACLU of Colorado events and grassroots actions. Represent the ACLU at community events and festivals, and help us recruit new supporters!
    Attend legislative, town council, or school board meetings in your community, and report back your observations.
    Come to our office and help us outwith filing, envelope stuffing, and other general tasks.
    Share and promote ACLU of Colorado events with your social networks.
    Sign up for ACLU emails to keep informed and know when to act.