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“The Facility” Screening

Join us Thursday, March 11 at 7 p.m. for a virtual screening of “The Facility.” “The Facility” is a short documentary film chronicling the lived experiences of immigrants being held at the GEO detention facility in Aurora, Colorado. This film addresses the personal loss and consequences caused by for-profit detention and the federal government's broken immigration.... | Read More

News | 02.23.21

ACLU of Colorado Statement on the Aurora Independent Investigation Into Elijah McClain’s Death

February 23, 2021 DENVER – The following statement can be attributed to Mark Silverstein, Legal Director for ACLU of Colorado. “The Aurora independent investigation report confirms in stark terms what the community has long understood: Aurora police killed Elijah McClain. Mr. McClain was the innocent victim of multiple violations of longstanding law that is.... | Read More

ACLU Challenges Subdivision Rules Prohibiting Residents From Displaying Pride Flags, Social Justice Signs

February 23, 2021 DENVER – ACLU of Colorado filed suit today in federal court to challenge a subdivision’s rules that arbitrarily prohibit residents from displaying certain flags and signs on their own property. David Pendery, the ACLU’s client, wishes to display a Pride flag at his home to convey solidarity with LGBTQ+ families like his. He also wants to post a.... | Read More


Bring Our Neighbors Home – Reproductive Rights

Overcrowded. Despairing. Inhumane. The deplorable conditions of American jails and prisons are beyond what many people can imagine. Today, over 2 million Americans spend each night behind bars. Colorado incarcerates 635 per 100,000 people divided between prisons, jails, immigration detention and juvenile detention facilities. In addition, the penal system continues.... | Read More


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Racial Justice
What’s At Stake? Deep-seated systemic racism and inequities that disadvantaged communities of color are still woven into the fabric of our institutions today — from....
Pretrial Justice
Bring Our Neighbors Home Bring Our Neighbors Home is a multi-year, community-driven campaign to ensure that poverty is not a crime and the presumption of innocence is....
Redemption Campaign
The Redemption Campaign is a statewide initiative to safely release thousands of people who pose no public safety risk from Colorado prisons by challenging Governor Polis....
Immigration The Constitution guarantees the fundamental rights of due process and equal protection to every person in this country, regardless of their immigration status. When....