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2021 Legislative Updates

This 2021 Legislative Session, ACLU of Colorado is working to advance legislation that defends civil liberties and to defend against legislation that seeks to restrict the rights of Coloradans. We are working on reproductive rights, immigrant rights, privacy and bringing out neighbors home from juvenile detention and county jails.

Important ACLU of Colorado Legislation:


HB21-1280: Pre-trial Detention Reform

HB21-1280 (48 Hr Hearing) Fact Sheet

Hechos de HB21-1280

HB21-1280 provides prompt access to justice for people who are legally innocent.

  • Bond setting hearing within 48 hours after an arrestee’s arrival at a jail.
  • Ensure prompt and fair pretrial liberty:
    • Released from custody within 6 hours after bond is set.
    • Clear notice of rights regarding bond payment and release procedures.
    • Reporting requirement to ensure compliance with law.


SB21-062: Jail Population Management Tools

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SB21-062 Memorializes Smart Jail Depopulation Policies already in place in many CO counties.

  • Increase use of summons in lieu of arrest. SB21-062 increases officer discretion to issue summons, requires summons for low-level offenses, and increases summons for misdemeanors and low-level felonies when there is no safety risk requiring incarceration.
  • Decrease use of cash bonds. 60% of Colorado’s jail population are unconvicted people incarcerated only because they cannot afford to post money bond. SB21-062 limits the use of money bonds for misdemeanors and low-level felonies to cases where there is a safety risk or a flight risk.
  • Empower Sheriffs to continue to safely depopulate county jails. SB21-062 ensures Sheriffs can continue to institute safe jail population reduction policies in their jail even after the end of the COVID-19 crisis.


HB21-1060: U Visa Certification Requirements

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HB21-1060 would ensure that all victims in Colorado who are eligible for the U visa are treated fairly and are subject to the same statewide policy and protocol.

  • Mandates a timeframe in which certifications must be signed or declined by law enforcement;
  • Aligns the factors that may be considered by law enforcement in certification decisions with the federal requirements — victimization and helpfulness;
  • Protects victims’ personal information from being shared with ICE; and
  • Ensures that victims are provided with information about the U visa.


Each year at the Colorado legislature, the ACLU of Colorado takes positions on any and all legislation that affects the civil rights and civil liberties of Coloradans.  To find our position on a piece of legislation, please check our legislative database.

Check here throughout the session for updates on our top priority bills.