Colorado Rights Blog

2017 Legislative Updates

Each year at the Colorado legislature, the ACLU of Colorado takes positions on any and all legislation that affects the civil rights and civil liberties of Coloradans.  To find our position on a piece of legislation, please check our legislative database.

Check here throughout the session for updates on our top priority bills.

1/25/2017 – The ACLU joined our partners in the Freedom for All Coloradans coalition to oppose HB 1013, a bill that would let individuals and businesses claim their religious beliefs exempt them from laws they don’t like — including domestic violence, public safety, and non-discrimination laws. The bill was defeated in the House State Affairs Committee.

1/31/2017 – The ACLU supported a House Resolution calling on President Trump to rescind executive orders banning entry from refugees as well as immigrants from 7 Muslim majority countries.  The resolution passed the House.  Thank you to Reps. Hansen and Michaelson Jenet and the members of the Colorado House who stood up in opposition to President Trump’s unconstitutional and unAmerican executive orders.

2/1/2017 – The ACLU of Colorado supported a House Resolution to demonstrate Colorado’s commitment to ensuring access to quality health care for all residents, including contraception, prenatal and maternity care, fertility services, and abortion as a vital component of any health care system in order to meet the needs of women and families in our state. The resolution passed the House.