Reproductive Rights

Abortion rights and access vary greatly from state to state — and sometimes even within a state. Some states have enacted laws that target and burden abortion providers, forcing many clinics to close their doors. Others have banned specific safe … Continue reading

Racial Justice

What’s At Stake? Deep-seated systemic racism and inequities that disadvantaged communities of color are still woven into the fabric of our institutions today — from education and housing to our criminal legal system.  Systemic racism permeates the starkly segregated world of housing. … Continue reading

Pretrial Justice Reform

Pretrial Justice Reform is a multi-year, community-driven campaign to ensure that poverty is not a crime and the presumption of innocence is more than theory. Every day, over 13,000 of our neighbors languish in Colorado’s overcrowded county jails.  Most of … Continue reading

Redemption Campaign

The Redemption Campaign is a statewide initiative to safely release thousands of people who pose no public safety risk from Colorado prisons by challenging Governor Polis to use existing clemency powers in new and transformational ways. Our mission is to … Continue reading

Immigrants’ Rights

The ACLU of Colorado successfully convinced all sheriffs in Colorado to stop holding people in jail on immigration detainer requests from federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Continue reading

VOTE & Fight for a Better Future

Find the information you need to exercise your right to vote, learn about ACLU-CO endorsed ballot initiatives, and help us protect the vote and increase voter turnout! Sign up to volunteer to fight for voting rights here! View and RSVP … Continue reading