Pretrial Justice

Bring Our Neighbors Home

Bring Our Neighbors Home is a multi-year, community-driven campaign to ensure that poverty is not a crime and the presumption of innocence is more than theory.

Every day, over 13,000 of our neighbors languish in Colorado’s overcrowded county jails.  Most of these individuals have only been accused of a crime and are presumed innocent under the law.  Many will see their cases dismissed in full. Yet they remain caged while they await trial only because they cannot afford to pay the money bond to get out.  In this system of pretrial injustice, people with money remain free while they resolve their cases, while people without money remain behind bars, where they face the very real prospect of losing jobs, housing and even custody of children.  This modern-day debtor’s prison must end.

Bring Our Neighbors Home has three bold goals to bring pretrial justice to Colorado:

  1. Dramatically increase the number of people who are free pretrial
    95% of our neighbors should be home while their case is resolved.
  2. End wealth-based pretrial incarceration
    No one should ever be held behind bars because of poverty.
  3. Fight racism at every stage in the pretrial system
    From arrest to risk assessment to bond setting to bond revocations, we must acknowledge, study and eradicate racial disparities.

To learn more about Bring Our Neighbors Home and our goals for the 2020 legislative sessions, read our report:

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