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  • One year ago, thousands of Coloradans marched in a historic display of resistance. At the ACLU of Colorado we carried that spirit throughout the year, fighting on many fronts for civil liberties. We won’t stop now.

  • By canceling DACA, Trump has put 800,000 young people at risk of losing their jobs and being deported from the only country they know as home. Passing the bipartisan Dream Act would protect them. We asked four Dreamers why the Dream Act is important to them and their future.

  • James Fisher spoke at the ACLU of Colorado Bill of Rights Dinner about how he and the ACLU are working together to stop the criminalization of poverty for the thousands of Coloradans who are trapped in debtors’ prisons.

  • Our membership has quadrupled in the last six months, making it possible to do more than ever to protect civil rights and civil liberties in Colorado. Thank you to all our new members, supporters, and donors, and the ones who’ve been with us for years.

Criminalization of Homelessness

Colorado communities are passing new laws and enforcing old ones that essentially make it a crime to be homeless.

From restrictions on sitting and lying down in public to laws that dictate when and where someone can peacefully ask for charity to geographic restrictions that banish individuals from certain areas, police use these ordinances as tools to target, harass, and ultimately displace people who are homeless or living in extreme poverty.

These laws cost significant taxpayer dollars to enforce and waste resources on aggressive policing and often jailing of non-violent individuals only because of their social or economic status.

The ACLU of Colorado is committed to protecting personal liberty and human dignity for all Coloradans, including those who are homeless or living in extreme poverty.

Tell Colorado lawmakers to stop passing and enforcing laws that disproportionately target people who are homeless or living in poverty.

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