Death Penalty

The ACLU of Colorado is committed to ending the use of the death penalty in Colorado.

The death penalty is an expensive, ineffective, and unjust government program that risks making irreversible mistakes by executing innocent people, delays justice for victims’ families, and wastes millions of dollars that could be better used on programs that actually save lives and increase public safety.


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Contact your legislator.

Call, email or tweet your legislator asking them to support the end of the death penalty in 2020. Hold your legislators accountable to their constituents by telling them why your support an end to this broken system.

Contact your legislator

Write a letter to the editor.

Write a 150 to 250 word letter to your local newspaper explaining why you want to end the broken death penalty system. This is an opportunity to share why you support repeal, to publicly show legislators the community support for an end to this broken system and to convince your neighbors why Colorado should end the death penalty.

Write a letter to the editor

Write a postcard.

The ACLU of Colorado will deliver handwritten postcards to legislators at the beginning of the legislative session to show the widespread support for repeal.

Write a postcard to your legislator

Attend townhalls.

Ask your legislator if they support the end of the death penalty in Colorado. By attending town halls, you show legislators that their constituents support the end of the death penalty. Asking legislators their position on the death penalty, encouraging support of repeal and sharing your stories is key to ending this broken system.

Attend a town hall

Attend postcard parties.

Come together with fellow ACLU activists and write postcards to key legislators urging them to vote to end the death penalty. Death penalty repeal will not pass unless legislators hear from you! Be part of the ACLU community and help us end this unjust system.

Community events

Attend community conversations.

We want to hear from you! Join the ACLU for evenings of food, discussion and activism throughout the state as we build a community-driven campaign to end the death penalty. Learn more about the death penalty by engaging with community experts and directly impacted people. Engage with your neighbors and legislators at discussion tables and share why you support the end of the death penalty. Receive an ACLU activist training and learn how to use social media to hold legislators accountable, how to write an effective letter to the editor, how to write postcards to legislators and how to advocate on behalf of important issues to legislators at town halls and at the Capitol. Your direct engagement – by coming together to take action and defend civil liberties in Colorado – is what will end this broken system.

Community events

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