Protect Patient Health: Stop the use of Religion to Deny Healthcare

The ACLU of Colorado believes that everyone has a right to receive appropriate healthcare and information. Everyday in Colorado, healthcare providers and hospitals deny care by imposing their religious beliefs on patients.  These providers and hospitals refuse to provide:

  • Appropriate care to women who are miscarrying or experiencing other pregnancy complications, including ectopic pregnancies;
  • Contraception, or information about contraception
  • Tubal ligation procedures or vasectomies
  • Fertility treatment
  • Services that are sought by transgender patients, including reconstructive surgeries and hormone replacement therapy
  • End-of-life care

The right to practice one’s religion or to practice no religion is an important Colorado value.  However, no one should ever impose their personal religious views on others, especially when it comes to life and death decisions.

Have you been denied healthcare based on the religious beliefs of a provider or a facility? Tell us here!

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