Vote NO 67

The ACLU of Colorado helped defeat Amendment 67, a 2014 ballot measure that would have outlawed all abortion and had far-reaching negative consequences for Colorado women and their families.

Despite being defeated in 2008 and 2010, Personhood USA, a national group whose stated aim is to outlaw all abortion – even in cases of rape and incest – tried again in 2014 to restrict reproductive freedom. Just like their past efforts, Amendment 67 would have redefined “child” in the Colorado criminal and children’s code to include fertilized eggs, opening the door to massive government intrusion into the personal, private lives of Colorado families.

Colorado voters again rejected the dangerous and extreme personhood amendment at the ballot box in 2014. Amendment 67 failed by an overwhelming 65-35 margin. The wide margin of defeat sent a clear message to Personhood USA and Amendment 67’s extremist proponents that Coloradans respect reproductive health and privacy rights and that their agenda does not match Colorado values.

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