Denver Municipal Elections – Vote Like Your Rights Depend On It

This May, all Denverites need to vote like their rights depend on it.

Find the information you need to exercise your right to vote, learn about ACLU-CO endorsed ballot initiatives and help us get-out-the-vote!

If you’re experiencing voter suppression or intimidation, or have other voting-related questions, including how to volunteer with our voting rights campaign, please email


YES on Denver Initiative 300, the Right to Survive

The ACLU of Colorado supports the Right to Survive Initiative as part of our long-standing opposition to the criminalization of homelessness. We stand behind the initiative’s affirmation of basic human rights for those living without housing and hope it will compel this city council to finally end police sweeps, move-alongs of people experiencing homelessness, and an unjust camping ban.

To find out more, click HERE. Join us to encourage voters to pass Initiative 300 by joining us for get-out-the-vote events. To find events, click HERE

YES on Denver Initiative 301, Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Decriminalization

The ACLU advocates full and complete decriminalization of the use, possession, manufacturing and distribution of drugs. Any attempt to address the public health problem of drug abuse through the criminal legal system is inappropriate. Drug laws imprison a multitude of otherwise law-abiding people. Enforcement of laws criminalizing possession and use violate autonomy of interests and civil liberties.


View a video recording of our Denver Mayoral Candidate Forum, which covers civil rights and civil liberties issues such as police practices, immigration, and privacy. Click HERE to view the recording.


  • Where’s my ballot? All registered Denver County voters receive a mail ballot to the address with which they’re registered. You can check your voter registration status, including your residential address, at the Secretary of State’s website. If your address is updated but you still haven’t received your ballot, contact the Denver Elections Division. Or visit a Voter Service & Polling Center (more info below).
  • What am I voting on? Vote for nominees for mayor, district-level city council members, at-large city council member, city auditor, county clerk and recorder, and city-wide initiatives. ACLU of Colorado does not endorse candidates, but we do take positions on ballot initiatives that impact civil liberties.  This election, we are recommending a YES vote on Initiative 300 and Initiative 301. (More info, above.)
  • Why does it matter? Local level elections have an enormous effect on our daily rights and freedoms. Denver has a strong-mayor form of government, which means the mayor holds significant decision-making power. Yet only about a quarter of eligible voter cast their ballots.
  • Who has the right to vote in this election? Eligible Denver County voters. You are an eligible vote if you will be 18 years of age or older at the time of the election, are a United States citizen, have resided in Denver. For more info, click HERE.
    • Eligible voters have a right to same-day voter registration. You can register at a Voter Service & Polling Location (VSPC) or, if you have a Colorado license, you may register online. For full details visit HERE
  • How can I cast my ballot?
    • Return your ballot at a dropbox. Ballots returned via dropbox do not require postage. You may return your ballot at any dropbox in Denver County. Ballots must be received by 7 pm on Tuesday, May 7. To find your nearest dropbox visit
    • Vote in person at a Voter Service & Polling Center (VSPC). At a VSPC, you can receive voting assistance from poll workers, replace a ballot, check your voter registration, or register to vote. Click HERE.



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