Counselors, not Cops.

On March 9, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Douglas County family whose 11-year-old son, A.V., was handcuffed, restrained in the back of a police car for hours, injured, traumatized and held on $25,000 bail after an unnecessary School Resource Officer (SRO) response.

What A.V. and his family experienced was not an isolated incident. Across the country and here in Colorado, SROs disproportionately target students with disabilities and students of color. This only reinforces the school to prison pipeline. Below are more first person investigative accounts from families who could have been spared trauma if their schools relied on counselors, not cops.


Michelle Hanson and her son, A.V.

Shandie Harris and her son, J.J.

Heidi Laursen and her son, J.L.

More stories will be published here soon.


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