Defense of Demonstrators Arrested at September 29, 2001 Denver Peace March

Criminal Justice | Freedom of Expression & Religion
ACLU Case No. 2001-19


At a peace march that drew 1000 participants in Denver on September 29, 2001, police were on the lookout for persons who were dressed in black clothing or were covering their faces. Police had a standing order that day to temporarily detain anyone fitting that "profile" and ask them for identification and an explanation of their actions. According to the order, "if the people were uncooperative, upon being contacted, they would be arrested for interference or any other appropriate charge." Nine individuals were arrested in apparent reliance on this order. Two obtained their own attorneys, and the ACLU provided criminal defense attorneys for the remaining seven.


Daniel Recht
Elisa Moran
Frank Moya
Fredric Winocur
John E. Mosby
Tracy McGuire

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