Palmer High School Gay/Straight Alliance v. Colorado Springs School District No. 11

Freedom of Expression & Religion | LGBTQ+ Equality | Student and Youth Rights
Case No. 03-M-2535, United States District Court, District of Colorado
ACLU Case No. 2003-15


The ACLU filed suit on behalf of a group of students at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs who challenge the school's refusal to recognize their student club, the Palmer High Gay/Straight Alliance. The students started the club in January 2003, but school authorities have repeatedly refused to recognize it. Without recognition, the student group cannot meet on school property on the same terms as other student groups; cannot post club-related information at the school; cannot use the public address system to make announcements; and is omitted from the school's yearbook and official list of student-organized activities. Palmer High School had blocked earlier efforts to organize a similar student group in 1999. The lawsuit was resolved successfully in November 2005.


Alfred T. McDonnell
Mark Silverstein , ACLU of Colorado Legal Director

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