People v. Cordaro, Durland, Eaves, Fineron, Froese, Kerwin, and Verlo

Criminal Justice | Freedom of Expression & Religion
Case No. 07-M-12531, 07-M-12534, 07-M-12521, 07-M-12535, 07-M-12533, 07-M-12536, & 07-M-12532, Colorado Springs Municipal Court
ACLU Case No. 2007-05


The City of Colorado Springs prosecuted seven persons who marched with a larger group during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Colorado Springs on March 17, 2007, wearing green t-shirts with peace signs and carrying peace banners.  Although they had a permit to march in the privately-organized parade, the group was told that they had to leave because the parade organizers banned messages relating to “social issues.” The seven were arrested and charged with failure to disperse. The ACLU of Colorado successfully represented the seven defendants in their criminal trial.  In 2008, the parade organizers abandoned their ban on “social issues” during the annual parade.

Reign on our parade: Nursing fresh wounds, the city wonders what's next, Colorado Springs Independent (March 22, 2007).

Organizers change rules for St. Patrick's Day parade: Group whose members were arrested in '07 march, Colorado Gazette (February 1, 2008).


Greg Walta

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