Shields v. Kiowa County School District

Freedom of Expression & Religion
Case No. 02-MK-0972, United States District Court, District of Colorado
ACLU Case No. 2002-08


Acting on behalf of a teacher and student who sought the ACLU's assistance, the ACLU filed suit to put an end to school-sponsored religious messages, including a planned school-sponsored prayer at the annual graduation ceremony, at Plainview School in Sheridan Lakes, Colorado, a small town 140 miles east of Denver with a population of about 60 K-12 students.

On May 24, 2002, the Court conducted a hearing on the ACLU's motion for a temporary restraining order regarding the upcoming graduation ceremony. Although the motion was denied, the Superintendent testified that the school district would modify other practices challenged in the lawsuit, such as distributing Bibles to grade school children and opening school functions with a faculty-delivered sectarian prayer.


James Hubbell
Mark Silverstein , ACLU of Colorado Legal Director

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