United States v. Deborah Davis

Criminal Justice | Privacy & Technology
Case No. Violation Notice Nos: H5066179, H5066180, H5066181
ACLU Case No. 2005-13


Deborah Davis was a passenger commuting to work on a public RTD bus that crosses the property of the Federal Center in Lakewood. When federal officers boarded the bus and asked each passenger to produce identification, Deborah declined. She was subsequently arrested, handcuffed, and removed from the bus. Officers from the Department of Homeland Security then issued two tickets accusing her of criminal offenses for refusing to produce identification. The ACLU of Colorado is providing a defense to those criminal charges. Additional informaiton about Deborah and this case is on her web site at www.papersplease.org/davis.


Gail Johnson
Mark Silverstein , ACLU of Colorado Legal Director
Norm Mueller

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