Call Governor Polis: Protect Vulnerable Incarcerated People Now

We are either a nation of “we the people” or “we the prisons” – we can’t be both. Mass incarceration has destroyed families, deepened racial injustice, and wasted resources that could have been spent investing in local communities, all without making our neighborhoods safer. The legacy of mass incarceration is that hundreds of medically vulnerable and elderly prisoners pose no threat to public safety, but face a serious risk of dying of COVID-19 in Colorado’s prisons.

A prison sentence should not be death sentence. Governor Polis has the power to release at-risk incarcerated people and save lives behind bars. Can you call today? 

The more of us who call, the more public pressure we build to push Governor Polis to do the right thing. 

Call Governor

Governor’s Office, Front Desk: (303) 866-2471

Call Script


Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I live in [YOUR CITY OR TOWN]

As a Coloradan and constituent, I’m deeply concerned that there are hundreds of medically vulnerable and elderly people incarcerated in Colorado’s overcrowded, unsafe prisons.

I’m calling to urge Governor Polis to exercise his clemency and commutation powers to save lives behind bars. A prison sentence should not be a death sentence.

Thank you.

Thank you for calling Governor Polis!

You can email Governor Polis here.

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