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  • Tuesday Olson knew her pregnancy was in trouble and tried to access hospital care as soon as possible. But there was a problem: she was in jail. This is her story.
  • It’s time to end the death penalty in Colorado. Family members who lost loved ones to murder speak out against an unjust and broken system.

  • One year ago, thousands of Coloradans marched in a historic display of resistance. At the ACLU of Colorado we carried that spirit throughout the year, fighting on many fronts for civil liberties. We won’t stop now.

  • By canceling DACA, Trump has put 800,000 young people at risk of losing their jobs and being deported from the only country they know as home. Passing the bipartisan Dream Act would protect them. We asked four Dreamers why the Dream Act is important to them and their future.

17. Live From Lobby Day

Last week the ACLU of Colorado hosted its annual Lobby Day. Over one hundred community lobbyists came out to defend civil liberties for all Coloradans. We interviewed several people and asked them what brought them to the Capitol. We also have an update from Staff Attorney Arash Jahanian on the class action lawsuit filed against El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder for illegally holding prisoners for ICE. 

Call To Action: President Trump’s pick for CIA director has a dark history of leading state-sponsored torture – and the Senate must not even start her confirmation hearings until that history is declassified and publicly released.

Call To Action: A bill was recently introduced in the Colorado legislature that is one of the most mean-spirited, blatantly anti-LGBT bills to be introduced in the Colorado State Legislature in years, and one of the most hateful and despicable attacks on gay, lesbian, and trans people that our state has ever seen.

Call the sponsors of the HB18-1206 bill: 

Prime Sponsors:

Rep. Stephen Humphrey– 303-866-2943

Rep. Kevin Lundberg – 303-866-4853

Additional Sponsors:

Rep. J. Becker– 303-866-3706

Rep. J. Everett– 303-866-2927

Rep. T. Leonard– 303-866-2582

Rep. K. Lewis– 303-866-2398

Rep. P. Lundeen– 303-866-2924

Rep. P. Neville– 303-866-5523

Rep. K. Ransom– 303-866-2933

Rep. L. Saine– 303-866-2906

Rep. S. Sandridge– 303-866-2965

Rep. K. Van Winkle– 303-866-2936

Rep. Y. Willett– 303-866-2583

Rep. D. Williams– 303-866-5525

Sen. R. Baumgardner– 303-866-5292

Sen. C. Holbert– 303-866-4881

Sen. K. Lambert– 303-866-4835

Sen. V. Marble– 303-866-4876

Sen. T. Neville– 303-866-4873

Sen. K. Priola– 303-866-4855

Sen. J. Sonnenberg– 303-866-6360


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