HB19-1297: Jail Capacity Data Collection

Under existing law, the keeper of a jail is required to maintain records concerning the persons confined in the jail. The bill expands the information that a keeper of a jail is required to maintain. The keeper is required to … Continue reading

HB19-1263: Offense Level For Controlled Substance Possession

Under existing law, possession of any amount of flunitrazepam, ketamine, cathinones, or a controlled substance listed in schedule I or II is a level 4 drug felony. Possession of a controlled substance listed in schedule III, IV, or V, except … Continue reading

HB19-1251: Age Of Marriage And Emancipation Procedure

The bill permits the issuance of a marriage license only to a person who is 18 years of age, unless the person is at least 16.5 years of age and emancipated through a court procedure. The bill creates a statutory … Continue reading

HB19-1226: Bond Reform

Under current law, if a defendant is arrested for certain crimes and the court determines that the public would be in significant peril if the accused is released, the defendant is not bailable. The bill removes from the list of … Continue reading

HB19-1266: Restore Voting Rights Parolees:

Existing law prohibits a person serving a sentence of parole from being eligible to register to vote or to vote in any election. Section 1 of the bill declares that the purposes of parole are served by restoring the vote to persons … Continue reading

SB19-143:Parole Changes

The bill creates a new correctional facility level designation for transition centers that are used to enhance successful reintegration into the community. Under current law, there are prison population measures that can be used when the vacancy rate drops below … Continue reading

SB19-191: Prompt Pretrial Liberty And Fairness

The bill creates rights for defendants related to release on bond as follows: • A court has to hold a bond setting hearing for a defendant within 48 hours after the defendant’s arrest; • Unless extraordinary circumstances exist, a defendant … Continue reading

SB19-182: Repeal The Death Penalty

The bill repeals the death penalty in Colorado for offenses charged on or after July 1, 2019, and makes conforming amendments.

SB19-170: Inquiry Into College Applicant Criminal History

The bill prohibits a state institution of higher education (institution) from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history, or disciplinary history at an elementary, secondary, or postsecondary institution (disciplinary history), prior to admission; except that the institution may inquire about any … Continue reading

SB19-165:Increase Parole Board Membership

Under existing law, the state parole board (board) is comprised of 7 members. Two members have experience in law enforcement, and one has experience in offender management. The remaining 4 members must have experience in a relevant field. The bill … Continue reading