SB21-280: Bias-motivated Crimes

The bill specifies that for harassment that is bias-motivated or a bias-motivated crime, the bias motivation only needs to be part of the defendant’s motivation in committing the crime. The bill makes the crime of harassment when the harassment is … Continue reading

SB21-273: Pre-trial Reform

The bill creates the community response to low-level offenses working group in the department of public safety to study and propose statewide policy and legislative initiatives to safely increase community response in lieu of law enforcement engagement for lower-level offenses … Continue reading

HB21-1251: Appropriate Use Of Chemical Restraints On A Person

The bill requires an agency that uses a chemical restraint to ensure that a person administering ketamine, haloperidol, or any other medication that is severely dependent on the weight of an individual or may result in a severe or adverse … Continue reading

HB21-1280: Pre-trial Detention Reform

The bill requires a court to hold a bond setting hearing within 48 hours after an arrestee’s arrival at a jail or holding center beginning on April 1, 2022. Under current law, a person is allowed to post bond within … Continue reading

HB21-1309: Criminal Trial Continuances COVID-19 Pandemic

Under existing law, a criminal defendant must be brought to trial within 6 months after the date of the entry of a plea of not guilty. However, there are circumstances that exclude a period of time when computing the time … Continue reading

HB21-1310: Homeowners’ Association Regulation Of Flags And Signs

Current law limits the application of architectural and landscaping regulations of common interest communities (also known as HOAs) so as to require that they allow displays of the American flag, service flags such as the blue star and gold star … Continue reading

HB21-1314: Department Of Revenue Action Against Certain Documents

Under existing law, the department of revenue (department) is either allowed or required to administratively suspend, cancel, revoke, deny, or deny renewal of a driver’s license, instruction permit, or identification card following specified conduct by a licensee or card holder. … Continue reading

SB21-007: Improve Public Confidence Election Validity

Commencing with the 2022 general election, and subject to an elector’s choice to receive and cast all ballots by mail, the bill requires that all registered electors cast their ballot in person for each general election at a polling location … Continue reading

SB21-009: Reproductive Health Care Program

The bill creates the reproductive health care program that provides contraceptive methods and counseling services to participants.

SB21-010: Colorado Ballot Signature Verification Act

Under current law, if an eligible elector is unable to sign a mail ballot issued to the elector, the elector may provide the self-affirmation required to cast the ballot by making a mark on the self-affirmation, with or without assistance, … Continue reading