SB18-263: Pilot Program Court Approval Treatment Medications In Jails

The bill creates a pilot program in the department of human services (department) to determine and, if appropriate, establish the safety and effectiveness of allowing a licensed psychiatrist to petition the court for authority to administer medications in a jail … Continue reading

SB18-234: Human Remains Disposition Sale Businesses

Concerning measures to reduce the sale without consent of the remains of a human who was born alive, and, in connection therewith, registering nontransplant tissue banks and prohibiting certain owners of nontransplant tissue banks from owning certain other businesses that … Continue reading

SB18-109: Authorize Audio-video Communication Notarial Acts

Current law requires an individual who wishes to have a document notarized to appear personally before the notary public. The bill authorizes notaries public to perform a notarial act on behalf of an individual who is not in the notary’s … Continue reading

HB18-1438: Health Care Coverage Reproductive Health Care

Section 2 of the bill requires all individual and group health benefit plans issued, amended, or renewed on or after January 1, 2020, to provide coverage for specified reproductive health care services, drugs, devices, products, and procedures. Carriers are prohibited from … Continue reading

SB18-278: Increase Penalty For First Responder Assaults

The bill increases the penalty level for a second degree on a peace officer or firefighter by one class.

SB18-274: Implement Prison Utilization Studies

he bill states that the general assembly intends that the department of corrections (department) shall close excess facilities, as prioritized by a 2013 prison utilization study, when prison population projections indicate excess capacity within correctional facilities. The bill states that … Continue reading

SB18-267: Create Justice Center Maintenance Fund

Capital Development Committee. The bill creates the justice center maintenance fund that consists of money appropriated by the general assembly to the maintenance fund from the justice center cash fund to be used for controlled maintenance needs of the Ralph L. … Continue reading

SB18-242: Public Official Oath Of Office

The bill requires a person swearing an oath of office for a public office or position to do so by swearing by the everliving God. The bill also requires the person swearing the oath of office to do so with … Continue reading

SB18-241: Colorado Children First Act

The bill establishes the Colorado Children First Act in the state.

SB18-238: County Jail Prisoner Labor

Under current law, prisoners convicted of an offense and sentenced to county jail are required to work inside the jail. When no work is available inside the jail, convicted and sentenced prisoners are required to work outside the jail. The … Continue reading