HB19-1103:Protect Human Life At Conception

The bill prohibits terminating the life of an unborn child and makes a violation a class 1 felony. The following are exceptions to the prohibition: A licensed physician performs a medical procedure designed or intended to prevent the death of … Continue reading

SB19-108:Juvenile Justice Reform

The bill establishes a committee on juvenile justice reform (committee) in the governor’s office and establishes its membership. The bill specifies duties of the committee including: • Adopting a validated risk and needs assessment tool to be used by juvenile … Continue reading

SB19-085:Equal Pay For Equal Work Act

The bill removes the authority of the director of the division of labor standards and statistics in the department of labor and employment (director) to enforce wage discrimination complaints based on an employee’s sex and instead permits an aggrieved person … Continue reading

HB19-1167:Remote Notaries Protect Privacy

Current law requires an individual who wishes to have a document notarized to appear personally before the notary public. The bill authorizes notaries public to perform a notarial act on behalf of an individual who is not in the notary’s … Continue reading

HB19-1158:Sheriff Enforcement Dangerous Dog Statute

The bill requires a county sheriff’s office to investigate an alleged violation of the unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog crime or enforce the provisions of that statute. If a victim of that crime believes the county sheriff’s office is … Continue reading

HB19-1156:Proof Of Citizenship To Register To Vote

In connection with current procedures permitting an elector to register to vote on or immediately prior to or on election day, the bill requires that the elector provide a form of identification that includes proof of citizenship.

HB19-1149:Age Of Delinquency Study

The bill directs the age of delinquency task force of the Colorado commission on criminal and juvenile justice to study using juvenile justice services and systems for adults 18 through 20 years of age (emerging adults). The task force shall: … Continue reading

HB19-1148:Change Maximum Criminal Penalty One Year To 364 Days

Under current law, the maximum jail sentence for a class 2 misdemeanor, misdemeanors without a fixed statutory penalty, and municipal ordinance violations is one year. The bill changes the maximum jail sentence to 364 days.

HB19-1146:Tandem DUI Per Se

The bill adds a new traffic offense of tandem DUI per se if a peace officer has evidence to believe that a driver had consumed alcohol or drugs, that the driver was substantially incapable of safely operating a vehicle, and … Continue reading

HB19-1140:Live and Let Live

The bill establishes the Live and Let Live Act in Colorado.