SB18-213: Transfer Academic Credits For Division Of Youth Services Youths

Under current law, when a student in out-of-home placement transfers from one school to another school, the sending school must certify to the receiving school or school district the course work that the student has fully or partially completed while … Continue reading

SB18-203: Conflict-free Representation In Municipal Courts

The bill requires each municipality, on and after January 1, 2020, to provide independent indigent defense for each indigent defendant facing a possible jail sentence for a violation of a municipal ordinance. Independent indigent defense requires, at minimum, that a … Continue reading

SB18-199: Increase Penalty For Peace Officer Assaults

The bill increases the penalty level for an assault on a peace officer by one class and requires the court to sentence the defendant to incarceration for at least the maximum sentence and up to 2.5 times the maximum sentence.

HB18-1234: Internet Sweepstakes Café Revise Legal Terms

Section 1 of the bill amends the definitions of key terms such as electronic gaming machine, gambling, prize, and simulated gambling device as used in the criminal statutes governing simulated gambling devices. Section 2 specifies that unlawful offering of a simulated gambling device … Continue reading

HB18-1312: Open Internet Customer Protections In Colorado

Section 1 of the bill disqualifies an internet service provider from receiving money from the high cost support mechanism if the internet service provider engages in any of the following practices: • Blocking lawful internet content, applications, services, or devices unless … Continue reading

SB18-1057: Use Of Criminal Records With Respect To Housing

Under current law, it is an unfair housing practice to honor or exercise, or attempt to honor or exercise, any restrictive covenant pertaining to housing. Section 1 of the bill adds to the definition of restrictive covenant limitations on the transfer, rental, … Continue reading

HB18-1252: Unlawful Sale Of Academic Assignments

The bill creates the offense of unlawful sale of academic materials for submission to an institution of higher education. A person commits unlawful sale of academic materials for submission to an institution of higher education when he or she sells … Continue reading

HB18-1230: Creation Of Work Status For Immigrants

The bill creates in the department of labor and employment a purple card program that would allow certain persons who came to the United States without legal documentation to apply for a purple card allowing them to work legally in … Continue reading

HB18-1010: Department Of Human Services Report Data And Add MembersTo Working Group

The bill requires the department of human services (department), to calculate annually the recidivism rate and educational outcomes for juveniles committed to the custody of the department who complete their parole sentences and discharge from department supervision. In calculating the … Continue reading

SB18-185: Deadly Force Against Intruder At A Business

The bill extends the right to use deadly force against an intruder under certain conditions to include owners, managers, and employees of a business.