SB18-166 Change Maximum Criminal Penalty One Year To 364 Days

Under current law, the maximum jail sentence for a class 2 misdemeanor, misdemeanors without a fixed statutory penalty, and municipal ordinance violations is one year. The bill changes the maximum jail sentence to 364 days.

HB18-1225 Protect Human Life At Conception

The bill prohibits terminating the life of an unborn child and makes a violation a class 1 felony. The following are exceptions to the prohibition: • A licensed physician performs a medical procedure designed or intended to prevent the death … Continue reading

HB18-1206 Live and Let Live Act

The bill establishes the Live and Let Live Act in the state.

HB18-1188 Electronic Data Transportation Infrastructure

Current law generally requires a state or local agency to get a search warrant before obtaining location information from an electronic device. The bill authorizes the Colorado department of transportation to use highway infrastructure technology to communicate with motor vehicles … Continue reading

HB18-1178 Hold Colorado Governments Accountable Sanctuary Jurisdictions

The bill is a referred measure to be voted upon at the election on November 6, 2018. It is known as the Colorado Politician Accountability Act. The bill includes a legislative declaration that states that addressing sanctuary jurisdictions is a … Continue reading

SB18-156 Publish County Financial Reports Online Annually

Current law requires each county to publish a report about its expenses and contracts (expense report), the salaries of public employees and officials in the county (salary report), and the financial statements for each fund kept by the county treasurer … Continue reading

SB18-150 Voter Registration Individuals Criminal Justice System

Section 1 of the bill allows a person on parole to preregister to vote. A person who preregisters is required to meet all the requirements of a person who registers. When the secretary of state (secretary) receives notice that the person … Continue reading

SB18-119 False Imprisonment Of A Minor

The bill states that a person commits class 5 felony false imprisonment if he or she confines or detains another person less than 18 years of age by means of tying, locking, caging, chaining, or otherwise restricting that person’s freedom … Continue reading

SB18-087 In-state Tuition Foreign Nationals Settled In Colorado

The bill contains a legislative declaration about the circumstances facing special immigrants and refugees and the benefit of access to education. The bill grants eligibility for in-state tuition status to refugees and special immigrants admitted to the United States pursuant … Continue reading

SB18-083 Education Income Tax Credits For Nonpublic School

The bill establishes a private school tuition income tax credit commencing on or after January 1, 2019, that allows any taxpayer to claim a credit when the taxpayer enrolls a qualified child in a private school or the taxpayer provides … Continue reading