SB20-166:Simplifying Requirements For New Birth Certificate

The bill aligns the requirements for a minor to obtain a new birth certificate from the state registrar with the requirements for an adult. A minor shall also obtain a statement from a medical or mental health professional confirming that … Continue reading

SB20-179: District Attorney Defendant Data Collection

The bill requires each district attorney to collect data regarding defendants related to demographics, charges filed, pretrial release results, and sentencing. The district attorney is required to create an annual report with the data collected and make the data collected … Continue reading

SB20-172:Bail Hearing Within 48 Hours Of Arrest

The bill requires a court to hold a bond setting hearing within 48 hours after an arrestee’s arrival at a jail or holding center beginning on July 1, 2021, for in-county arrestees and July 1, 2022, for out-of-county arrestees. The … Continue reading

SB20-070:Traffic Offense Classification And Penalties

Under existing law, there is a presumptive range of fines for traffic misdemeanors and traffic infractions (traffic offenses) and there are specified fines and surcharges for certain traffic offenses. The bill increases the presumptive ranges of fines for traffic offenses … Continue reading

HB20-1294:Replace Illegal Alien With Undocumented Immigrant

The bill replaces the term illegal alien with undocumented immigrant as it relates to public contracts for services.

HB20-1282:Radio Communications Policies Of Gov Entities

The bill requires each entity of the state government; each entity of the government of each city, county, and city and county; and special districts, school districts, and institutions of higher education (governmental entity) that encrypts all of its radio … Continue reading

HB20-1268:Uniform Criminal Records Accuracy Act

Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws. The bill imposes duties on governmental law enforcement agencies and courts that collect, store, and use criminal history records to ensure the accuracy of the criminal history record information. The bill provides that Colorado create … Continue reading

HB20-1262:Housing Assistance Justice System Transition Money

Joint Budget Committee. The housing assistance for persons transitioning from the criminal or juvenile justice system cash fund (cash fund), which is administered by the division of housing in the department of local affairs (division), currently includes reversions from unspent general … Continue reading

HB20-1241:Issue Professional License Lawful United States Presence

The bill requires the Colorado supreme court to issue a license to practice law and the department of education to issue a teacher license if, in either situation, the license applicant otherwise meets the licensing requirements and: • The person … Continue reading

HB20-1188:Persons Who Illegally Reentered The United States

Under current law, a law enforcement officer is prohibited from arresting or detaining a person due to a civil immigration detainer. The bill makes an exception to the prohibition if the person was ordered deported or removed from the United … Continue reading