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HB 1140: Strengthening Illegal Alien Laws

Immigrants’ Rights
Bill Number: HB11 1140
Year: 2011
ACLU Position: Active Oppose
Sponsors: Balmer


The bill prohibits a local government that refuses to participate in the United States department of homeland security's immigration and customs enforcement agency's secure communities initiative from:

  • Receiving a local government grant or a direct allocation from the local government severance tax fund or local government mineral impact fund; and
  • Receiving the local government's allocation from the cigarette tax revenues.

The money that is not distributed or allocated is redirected proportionately to all eligible local governments. A person who transports or moves a known unlawful alien in Colorado in a vehicle, in furtherance of the alien's unlawful presence, or who conceals, harbors, or shields a known unlawful alien from detection in any place in Colorado commits a class 1 misdemeanor or, if 10 or more unauthorized aliens are involved, a class 6 felony. A law enforcement official or agency must impound or immobilize a person’s vehicle if it is used to unlawfully transport, move, conceal, harbor, or shield a known unlawful alien, subject to exemptions for child protective services
workers and emergency responders.

The director of the Colorado bureau of investigation will implement the secure communities program in consultation with the state associations that represent sheriffs and the chiefs of police and any other interested law enforcement organizations.

Current Status:

01/24/2011 Introduced In House - Assigned to Local Government
01/24/2011 Introduced In House - Assigned to Local Government + Appropriations
02/14/2011 House Committee on Local Government Refer Amended to Appropriations

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