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HB1140: Clarify Process Of Direct Democracy

Voting Rights
Bill Number: HB1140
Year: 2009
ACLU Position: Monitor
Sponsors: Rep. Court; Sen. White


Requires initiative petitions to contain a statement at the top of each page explaining that a signature indicates support for the placement of the measure on the ballot as a proposed change to the state constitution or statutes and that, if a sufficient number of valid signatures are obtained, the measure will appear on the ballot. Changes the terminology for initiatives so that constitutional measures shall appear as an "Amendment" and a statutory measure shall appear as a "Proposition" and requires the difference between the two to be explained. Prohibits modification of the short title after it has been provided to the Secretary of State. Changes the deadline for withdrawing a ballot initiative for which petitions have been submitted to 60 days prior to the election (to prevent their inclusion in certification of the ballot).

Read the bill here.

Current Status:

03/26/2009 Postpone Indefinitely in House State Affairs

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