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HB1163: Child Victim Crimes

Freedom of Expression & Religion
Bill Number: HB1163
Year: 2009
ACLU Position: Active Amend
Sponsors: Rep. C. Gardner; Sen. Romer

Adds an element to internet luring of a child clarifying that a subsequent communication in which the actor describes explicit sexual conduct may be made via a telephone, text message, telephone network, computer, or computer network. Makes possession of one motion picture, video tape, or video containing child pornography a class 4 felony. Makes a 5-year statutory appropriation.


An amendment changed the bill to include Sen. Harvey's annual attempt to protect minors from sexually explicit material. However his definition of "sexually explicit" is so broad as to include a woman's bare breast, medical photos, and classic works of art. "Access" includes book stores, movie rentals, etc. We saw this exact same language last year in our successful defeat of SB125.
Ultimately, the Harvey Amendment was removed.

Current Status:

06/01/2009 Signed by Governor
05/06/2009 Harvey Amendment Removed
04/30/2009 Harvey Amendment Added

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