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HB13-1160: Consolidate Theft Statutes With New Penalties

Criminal Legal Reform
Bill Number: HB13-1160
Year: 2013
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: Pabon/King


The bill amends the penalties for criminal theft and amends criminal theft to include the existing statutory offenses of theft of rental property and theft by receiving. The existing statutory offenses of theft of rental property, theft by receiving, fuel piracy, and newspaper theft are repealed.

The bill makes conforming amendments.

Current Status:

04/05/2013 - Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary
02/21/2013 - House Committee on Judiciary Refer Amended to Appropriations
04/23/2013 - Senate Committee on Judiciary Refer Unamended to Appropriations
05/02/2013 - Senate Third Reading Passed
01/29/2013 - Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary

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