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HB14-1197: Governor’s Authority To Grant Reprieve

Criminal Legal Reform | Death Penalty
Bill Number: HB14-1197
Year: 2014
ACLU Position: Active Oppose
Sponsors: Szabo


The bill outlines the governor’s authority related to granting a reprieve in a capital case. The governor may issue a reprieve only for 90 days if administrative difficulties arise in carrying out the execution. An additional reprieve may be issued only if the administrative difficulties are not resolved during the 90 days. If the governor grants a reprieve, he or she shall provide notice of the reprieve to the director of the department of corrections within 24 hours. The notice must include the basis for granting the reprieve.

Current Status:

02/24/2014 - House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
01/30/2014 - Introduced In House - Assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs + Appropriations

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