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HB14-1388: Civil Damages Unlawful Termination of a Pregnancy

Women’s Rights
Bill Number: HB14-1388
Year: 2014
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: Foote, Pettersen/Steadman


The bill creates a civil cause of action as a remedy for a woman who suffers an intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly unlawful termination of her pregnancy. The standard of proof is a preponderance of the evidence. The allowable damages are:

  • Her own economic damages;
  • Her own noneconomic damages; and
  • Exemplary damages.

The bill provides exceptions to liability for various medical personnel. The bill requires a case to be filed within 3 years of the cause of action arising.

Current Status:

05/14/2014 - Sent to the Governor

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