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HB16-1191: Bill Of Rights For Persons Who Are Homeless

Bill Number: HB16-1191
Year: 2016
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: J. Melton / J. Salazar


The bill creates the Colorado Right to Rest Act, which
establishes basic rights for persons experiencing homelessness, including,
but not limited to, the right to use and move freely in public spaces
without discrimination, to rest in public spaces without discrimination, to
eat or accept food in any public space where food is not prohibited, to
occupy a legally parked vehicle, and to have a reasonable expectation of
privacy of one’s property. The bill does not create an obligation for a
provider of services for persons experiencing homelessness to provide
shelter or services when none are available.

Current Status:

House Committee on Local Government Postpone Indefinitely (02/24/2016)

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