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HB16-1203: Women’s Health Protection Act

Reproductive Freedom | Women’s Rights
Bill Number: HB16-1203
Year: 2016
ACLU Position: Oppose
Sponsors: P. Neville


The bill requires all abortion clinics to be licensed by the attorney
general. Licensure is valid for one year. Prior to licensure or relicensure,
the attorney general shall conduct an on-site inspection of the abortion
clinic. The bill requires the attorney general to promulgate rules
• The abortion clinic’s physical facilities;
• The abortion clinic’s supply and equipment standards;
• The abortion clinic’s personnel, including requiring that the
clinic employ at least one doctor with admitting privileges
at a hospital within the state within 30 miles of the abortion
• Medical screening and evaluation of each patient;
• The abortion procedure;
• Minimum recovery room standards;
• Follow-up care for abortion patients; and
• Minimum incident reporting.
The bill creates criminal and civil penalties for violations of the
requirements of the bill.

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