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HB16-1391: Immigration Consultants Deceptive Trade Practice

Immigrants’ Rights
Bill Number: HB16-1391
Year: 2016
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: D. Pabon / K. Lundberg


Section 1 of the bill establishes that if a person, other than a
licensed attorney or person authorized under federal law to represent
others in immigration matters, engages in certain practices that amount to
providing or offering to provide legal advice or legal services in an
immigration matter, the person is engaged in a deceptive trade practice.
The attorney general or a district attorney may seek civil penalties against
the person under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act.
Section 2 adds to the notice a notary public must provide in any
advertisement of his or her services that the notary is not an immigration

Current Status:

Governor Signed (06/10/2016)

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