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HB18-1058: Financial Assistance For County Jails And Courts

Criminal Legal Reform
Bill Number: HB18-1058
Year: 2018
ACLU Position: Oppose
Sponsors: S. Beckman/ D. Coram


County Courthouse and County Jail Funding and
Overcrowding Solutions Interim Study Committee. Current law tasks
the underfunded courthouse facility cash fund commission to evaluate
grant applications and issue grants to counties for underfunded
courthouse facilities through master planning services, matching funds or
leverage grant funding opportunities, or for addressing emergency needs
due to the imminent closure of a court facility.
The bill changes the name of the commission and the fund and
expands the responsibilities of the commission to include jails in addition
to court facilities. Additionally, the bill allows grants to be issued for up
to 50% of a county’s annual voter-approved debt service on any
county-approved financing of the construction or remodeling costs of a
court or jail facility. The bill also creates a low-interest loan program to
be administered by the commission whereby counties may apply for
low-interest loans to finance the capital construction or remodeling costs
of a court or jail facility.

Current Status:

House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely (03/08/2018)
Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary + Finance (01/10/2018)

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