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HB18-1078:Court Programs For Veterans

Criminal Legal Reform
Bill Number: HB18-1078
Year: 2018
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: L. Landgraf /T. Exum Sr. /R. Gardner


At the first appearance of a defendant in court or upon
arraignment, and before accepting a plea of guilty or nolo contendere, the
court shall ascertain whether the defendant is currently serving in the
United States armed forces or is a veteran of such forces. The court shall
inform any such defendant that he or she may be entitled to receive
mental health treatment, substance use disorder treatment, or other

Under current law, the chief judge of a judicial district may
establish an appropriate program for the treatment of veterans and
members of the military. The bill states that, in establishing any such
program, the chief judge, in collaboration with the probation department,
the district attorney, and the state public defender, shall establish program
guidelines and eligibility criteria that are agreed upon by these parties to
be most appropriate for the jurisdiction creating the program.

Current Status:

Governor Signed (04/12/2018)
House Considered Senate Amendments - Result was to Concur - Repass (04/03/2018)
Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments (03/23/2018)
Senate Committee on Judiciary Refer Amended - Consent Calendar to Senate Committee of the Whole (03/19/2018)
Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary (03/12/2018)
House Third Reading Passed - No Amendments (03/05/2018)
House Third Reading Laid Over to 03/05/2018 - No Amendments (03/02/2018)
House Second Reading Laid Over to 02/26/2018 - No Amendments (02/23/2018)
Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary (01/17/2018)

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