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HB18-1344: Relief From Criminal Collateral Consequences

Criminal Justice
Bill Number: HB18-1344
Year: 2018
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: L. Sias / M. Weissman /D. Coram / D. Moreno


Current law has separate collateral relief sections for when a court
orders an alternative sentence, probation, or community corrections. The
bill combines collateral relief provisions into one section and authorizes
a court to enter an order for collateral relief at the time of conviction of
a defendant or any time thereafter. The bill requires a fingerprint-based
criminal history record check only if the hearing is held after sentencing.

The bill adds the authority for a juvenile court to enter an order for
collateral relief using the same process as criminal courts.

Current Status:

Sent to the Governor (05/04/2018)

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