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HB19-1096:Colorado Right To Rest

Criminalization of Homelessness
Bill Number: HB19-1096
Year: 2019
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: J. Melton


The bill creates the Colorado Right to Rest Act, which
establishes basic rights for people experiencing homelessness, including
but not limited to the right to rest in public spaces, to shelter themselves
from the elements, to eat or accept food in any public space where food
is not prohibited, to occupy a legally parked vehicle, and to have a
reasonable expectation of privacy of their property.
The bill prohibits discrimination based on housing status.
The bill creates an exemption of the basic right to rest for people
experiencing homelessness for any county, city, municipality, or
subdivision that can demonstrate that, for 3 consecutive months, the
waiting lists for all local public housing authorities contain fewer than 50
The bill allows the general assembly to appropriate money from
the marijuana tax cash fund to the department of local affairs for the
purpose of enabling governmental entities that do not meet the exemption
requirement to reduce the housing waiting lists to fewer than 50 people
for at least 6 months per year.
The bill allows any person whose rights have been violated to seek
enforcement in a civil action.

Current Status:

House Committee on Transportation & Local Government Postpone Indefinitely (02/26/2019)
Introduced In House - Assigned to Transportation & Local Government (01/14/2019)

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