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HB20-1268:Uniform Criminal Records Accuracy Act

Criminal Legal Reform
Bill Number: HB20-1268
Year: 2020
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: K.Tipper


Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws. The bill imposes
duties on governmental law enforcement agencies and courts that collect,
store, and use criminal history records to ensure the accuracy of the
criminal history record information. The bill provides that Colorado
create a central repository and mandates that any criminal history record
information be submitted to the central repository no later than 5 days
after the information is collected.
The bill requires the collection of biometric information, such as
fingerprints, for purposes of identification when permitted or required by
other law. The use of biometric information may help ensure more
complete and accurate records.
The bill limits the dissemination of criminal history record
information only as permitted by the bill or by other law. A dissemination
log must be maintained to record all disclosures.
The bill gives individuals the right to see their criminal history
record information. Individuals have the right to correct errors in their
criminal history record information. The bill requires the creation and
maintenance of a mistaken identity prevention registry. The mistaken
identity prevention registry can give an individual whose name is similar
to and confused with a person who is the subject of criminal history
record information a certification to minimize the possibility of a
mistaken arrest.
The bill establishes procedures for conducting periodic audits of
criminal history record information. The bill includes remedies for
enforcement for noncompliance.

Current Status:

House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely (02/13/2020)

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