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SB 084: Peace Officers Bill of Rights

Criminal Legal Reform | Freedom of Expression & Religion
Bill Number: SB 084
Year: 2010
ACLU Position: Active Amend
Sponsors: Sen. Tochtrop; Rep. Gagliardi

While individual law enforcement agencies in the state may have adopted civil service systems or may be a part of a collective bargaining process that establishes rights of peace officers, there is no consistency among state and local governments who hire peace officers for law enforcement duties (employing agencies). The bill establishes minimum standards that all employing agencies must provide to peace officers as part of their employment regarding:
  • A peace officer's ability to engage in political activity;
  • Entry of adverse comments in a peace officer's personnel records;
  • Participation in employee organizations;
  • Bringing suit arising out of the performance of a peace officer's duties;
  • Truth verification tests;
  • Public statements regarding internal investigations;
  • Tests of blood, breath, or urine;
  • Arrest quotas;
  • Internal noncriminal investigations;
  • Predisciplinary administrative hearings;
  • Availability of a third-party review of major disciplinary decisions; and
  • Discipline.

Read the bill here.

Current Status:

01/20/2010 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary

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