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SB 113: First Degree Murder Of A Fetus

Reproductive Freedom
Bill Number: SB 113
Year: 2010
ACLU Position: Active Oppose
Sponsors: Rep. Nikkel; Sen. Schultheis

This legislation makes killing a fetus in certain circumstances a class 1 felony. It also makes the following exceptions to a charge involving the killing of a fetus: 
  • That the defendant was providing medical treatment to which the mother of the fetus consented; or 
  • That the act was committed by a physician in a case where, to a medical certainty, the result of childbirth would be death of the mother of the fetus or where her death from childbirth, although not medically certain, would be substantially certain or more likely than not. 

Read the bill here.

Current Status:

01/22/2010 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to State, Veterans & Military Affairs

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