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SB 133: Discipline In Public Schools

Bill Number: SB11 133
Year: 2011
ACLU Position: Active Support
Sponsors: Hudak, Nikkel


The bill directs the Colorado commission on criminal and juvenile justice (commission) to instruct the juvenile justice task force (task force) to create a working group to study and collect data concerning the use of criminal justice sanctions and specified school discipline strategies in the public schools in the state. The working group, at a minimum, will seek input from students, parents, community organizations, and school and school district employees in conducting the study. In conducting the study, the working group shall request and may receive nonidentifying information from law enforcement agencies, school districts, public schools, and state agencies. The working group is also encouraged to conduct other qualitative research and to hold public hearings around the state. The working group will report its findings and recommendations to the task force, which will report to the commission by November 15, 2011. By December 15, 2011, the commission will report its findings and any recommendations for legislative changes to the education and judiciary committees of the general assembly.

Current Status:

03/23/2011 Senate Committee on Judiciary Refer Amended to Legislative Council

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