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SB 155: Funding for Educational Facilities

Government Transparency
Bill Number: SB 155
Year: 2009
ACLU Position: Monitor
Sponsors: Sen. King; Rep. Rice


Authorizes a metropolitan district to build a public school building if the school district in which the public school will be located (school district) refuses the dedication of the site and land area for the public school and refuses the payment in lieu thereof. Directs the metropolitan district board (district board) to consult with the school district board of education concerning the operation of the public school. Authorizes the district board to appoint an advisory board to assist the district board in addressing issues pertaining to the public school. Allows the district board to contract with an entity or group to operate the public school as a charter school. Directs the contracting entity or group to apply for authorization as a charter school first to the school district and, if denied, to the state charter school institute. If the district board chooses not to contract for operation of the public school, requires the district board to apply for authorization to operate the public school as a charter school. Allows a subdivider to dedicate a school site, or payment in lieu thereof, to a metropolitan district. Adds private, not-for-profit early childhood education facilities, public early childhood, elementary, and secondary education facilities, and facilities for public institutions of higher education to the list of projects for which a municipality or county may issue bonds. Authorizes the state board of land commissioners to lease or sell school trust lands to charter schools. Requires the state treasurer, rather than the Colorado educational and cultural facilities authority (CECFA) board, to notify the governor if a qualified charter school does not restore its qualified charter school debt service reserve fund to the required level. Specifies that CECFA, on behalf of an educational institution, may buy a building that has a tenant at the time of purchase and allow the tenancy to continue through the end of the lease. Makes conforming amendments.

Read the bill here.

Current Status:

02/10/2009 Postpone indefinitely in Senate Committee on Local Government and Energy

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