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SB14-193: Location Information After US v Jones

Privacy & Technology
Bill Number: SB14-193
Year: 2014
ACLU Position: Active Support
Sponsors: Singer/Carroll, Lundberg


A United States supreme court decision held that the use of a GPS device to monitor a vehicle’s movement constituted a search requiring the government to obtain a search warrant. With certain specified exceptions, the bill prohibits a governmental entity from obtaining location information from an electronic device without first obtaining a search warrant.

If location information or evidence derived from location information is used in a court proceeding, all parties must receive a copy of the search warrant and application at least 10 days prior to the proceeding. A judge may waive the 10-day requirement in certain circumstances.

Current Status:

05/07/2014 - Senate Considered House Amendments - Result was to Concur - Repass
05/01/2014 - Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
04/29/2014 - Senate Second Reading Laid Over Daily - No Amendments
04/23/2014 - Senate Committee on Judiciary Refer Amended to Senate Committee of the Whole
04/14/2014 - Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary

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