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SB16-146: Modernize Statutes Sexually Transmitted Infections

Reproductive Freedom
Bill Number: SB16-146
Year: 2016
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: D. Esgar / P. Steadman


The bill updates the statutes related to sexually transmitted
infections (STIs) to conform with current medical knowledge by applying
provisions that previously only applied to HIV to all STIs. A new
definition is established to include HIV and relevant types of hepatitis in
the sexually transmitted infection definition. The bill allows for all STIs
to be treated uniformly under Colorado law, rather than specifically
prosecuting people based on HIV status. HIV criminalization language in
statute is repealed.
The bill expands rights for victims of crime by allowing for testing
for a sexually transmitted infection under circumstances where the victim
has been exposed to blood or other bodily fluids under circumstances that
are medically demonstrated to pose a risk of transmission of a sexually
transmitted infection. A victim of crime in such circumstances must also
be provided with adequate counseling by a health care provider
concerning prophylaxis and treatment of infections until cured, where
possible; treatment to prevent progression of any infection; the necessity
of regular medical evaluations; and measures for preventing transmission
of the infection to others.
Public health orders or restrictive measures directed to a person
with a sexually transmitted infection must only be used as the last resort
when all other measures to protect the public health have failed, including
efforts to obtain the voluntary cooperation of the person who may be
subject to the public health order or restrictive measure. Any public health
order or restrictive measure that is applied must be applied serially with
the least intrusive measures used first.

Current Status:

Governor Signed (06/06/2016)

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