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SB18-234: Human Remains Disposition Sale Businesses

Bill Number: SB18-234
Year: 2018
ACLU Position: Active Amend
Sponsors: T. Kraft-Tharp / M. Catlin /D. Coram / L. Crowder


Concerning measures to reduce the sale without consent of the remains of a human who was born alive, and, in connection therewith, registering nontransplant tissue banks and prohibiting certain owners of nontransplant tissue banks from owning certain other businesses that provide for the final disposition of human remains, and making an appropriation.

The bill makes it unlawful under the ‘Mortuary Science Code’ for a person to own more than a 10% indirect interest in a funeral establishment or crematory while simultaneously owning interest in a nontransplant tissue bank. The bill requires nontransplant tissue banks to:

  • Register with the director of the division of professions and occupations in the department of regulatory agencies; and
  • Make disclosures, keep records and make them available to interested parties and the director, and maintain a standard of practice.

The registration of nontransplant tissue banks sunsets on September 1, 2024.

Current Status:

Governor Signed (05/30/2018)
Sent to the Governor (05-16-18)
Signed by the Speaker of the House (05-16-18)
Signed by the President of the Senate (05-16-18)
Senate Considered House Amendments - Result was to Concur - Repass (05-07-18)
House Third Reading Passed - No Amendments (05-07-18)
House Second Reading Special Order - Passed with Amendments - Committee (05-04-18)
House Committee on Appropriations Refer Amended to House Committee of the Whole (05-04-18)
House Committee on Finance Refer Amended to Appropriations (05-02-18)
House Committee on Health, Insurance, & Environment Refer Amended to Finance (05-01-18)
Introduced In House - Assigned to Health, Insurance, & Environment (04-24-18)
Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments (04-24-18)
Senate Second Reading Passed with Amendments - Committee (04-23-18)
Senate Committee on Judiciary Refer Amended - Consent Calendar to Senate Committee of the Whole (04-18-18)
Senate Committee on Judiciary Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only (04-16-18)
Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary (04-09-18)

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