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SB19-012:Use Of Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving

Privacy & Technology
Bill Number: SB19-012
Year: 2019
ACLU Position: Oppose
Sponsors: J. Melton / L. Court


Current law prohibits the use of wireless telephones while driving
for individuals who are younger than 18 years of age. The bill:
• Extends the prohibition to drivers of all ages;
• Extends the existing prohibition of the use of wireless
telephones to include all mobile electronic devices;
• Establishes the penalties as $300 and 4 points for a first
violation, $500 and 6 points for a second violation, and
$750 and 8 points for a third or subsequent violation;
• Creates an exception to the prohibition of the use of mobile
electronic devices for drivers who use a mobile electronic
device while a hands-free accessory is engaged; and
• Repeals a sentence enhancement for a violation that causes
bodily injury or death.

Current Status:

Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary (03/19/2019)
Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments (03/15/2019)
Senate Committee on Transportation & Energy Refer Amended to Appropriations (02/14/2019)
Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Transportation & Energy (01/04/2019)

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