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SB19-042:National Popular Vote

Voting Rights
Bill Number: SB19-042
Year: 2019
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: J. Arndt / E. Sirota /M. Foote 

The bill enacts and enters into with all other states joining therein the agreement among the states to elect the president of the United States by national popular vote (agreement). Among other provisions, the agreement:
• Permits any state of the United States and the District of Columbia to become members of the agreement by enacting the agreement;
• Requires each member state to conduct a statewide popular
election for president and vice president of the United
• Prior to the time set for the meeting and voting of
presidential electors, requires the chief election official of
each member state to determine the number of votes cast
for each presidential slate in a statewide popular election
and to designate the presidential slate with the largest
national popular vote total as the national popular vote
• Requires the presidential elector certifying official of each
member state to certify the appointment in that official’s
own state of the elector slate nominated in that state in
association with the national popular vote winner. At least
6 days before the day fixed by law for the meeting and
voting by the presidential electors, requires each member
state to make a final determination of the number of
popular votes cast in the state for each presidential slate
and to communicate an official statement of the
determination within 24 hours to the chief election official
of each other member state. Requires the chief election
official of each member state to treat as conclusive an
official statement containing the number of popular votes
in a state for each presidential slate made by the day
established by federal law for making a state’s final
determination conclusive as to the counting of electoral
votes by congress.
• Specifies that the agreement governs the appointment of
presidential electors in each member state in any year in
which the agreement is in effect on July 20 in states
cumulatively possessing a majority of the electoral votes;
• Permits a state’s withdrawal from the agreement, except in
limited circumstances;
• Specifies that the agreement will terminate if the electoral
college is abolished; and
• Provides that the invalidity of any of the agreement’s
provisions do not affect the remaining provisions.
The bill specifies that when the agreement becomes effective, it
supersedes any conflicting provisions of Colorado law.
When the agreement becomes effective and governs the
appointment of presidential electors, each presidential elector is required
to vote for the presidential candidate and, by separate ballot,
vice-presidential candidate nominated by the political party or political
organization that nominated the presidential elector.

Current Status:

Introduced In Senate - Assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs (01/04/2019)

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