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SB19-064:Retain Criminal Justice Programs Funding

Criminal Justice
Bill Number: SB19-064
Year: 2019
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: M. Weissman /P. Lee

Currently money appropriated but unspent for the
community-based reentry grant program, the crime victims grant program, the justice reinvestment crime prevention grant program, and the justice
reinvestment crime prevention small business program (programs) reverts to the general fund at the end of the fiscal year. The bill creates cash
funds for each of the programs so that money for the programs is appropriated into the cash funds and unspent money is available for spending in future years. Currently, the justice reinvestment crime prevention initiative is scheduled for repeal on September 1, 2020. The
bill extends the repeal date to September 1, 2023.

Current Status:

Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary (03/14/2019)
Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments (03/14/19)
Senate Second Reading Passed with Amendments - Committee (03/13/19)
Senate Committee on Judiciary Refer Amended to Appropriations (01/28/2019)
Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary (01/10/2019

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