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SB21-066: Juvenile Diversion Programs

Bill Number: SB21-066
Year: 2021
ACLU Position: Support
Sponsors: D. Michaelson Jenet/P. Lee


The bill makes several changes and clarifications to current juvenile diversion programs (diversion), including:

• Establishing another category of diversion that is pre-arrest, and therefore allowing         funding at the school and law enforcement levels;

• Clarifying the division of criminal justice in the department of public safety’s (division)     authority over all programs funded with diversion money;

• Clarifying that diversion funding may be allocated to entities other than district attorneys’ offices;

• Requiring eligibility criteria for diversion be made public;

• Establishing that a juvenile is eligible to divert if the juvenile meets the eligibility criteria;

• Clarifying that an approved validated assessment tool may be used for decisions on the. length of supervision and necessary services;

• Clarifying that a risk screening tool is only to be used to inform the level and intensity of supervision;

• Establishing a clear process for data collection so the division can properly evaluate its diversion programs;

• Creating a clearer process and role for the division in the allocation process; and

• Creating a mandatory set-aside of 20% for a competitive grant process managed by the division for community-based diversion programs that include restorative justice practices.

Current Status:

Governor Signed (04/29/2021)

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