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SB21-160: Modification To Local Government Election Codes

Bill Number: SB21-160
Year: 2021
ACLU Position: Monitor
Sponsors: M. Snyder/R. Gardner


The bill makes the following changes to the local government and
special district election codes:

• Revises statutory citations to clarify that the Colorado local
government election code is the portion of the election
code applicable to special district elections;
• Provides additional statutory citations to specify all instances in which a county assessor provides a list of property owners for an election;
• Clarifies that, when computing time for any designated
period of days for a local government election, the first day
from which the period of days runs is excluded and the last
day from which the period of days runs is included;
• Specifies that the candidate self-nomination form for
special district elections must contain the county where the
special district is located;
• Clarifies that a candidate’s and witness’s respective
addresses and telephone numbers and a candidate’s current
e-mail address need to be provided but do not need to be
printed by the candidate and witness on the self-nomination
form for special district elections;
• Specifies that an eligible elector of a local government who
is a covered voter must reside within the boundaries of the
local government to receive a mail ballot;
• Clarifies that local government ballots may be
automatically sent to eligible electors who are qualified
under contracts to purchase taxable property; and
• Eliminates provisions governing a self-affirming oath or
affirmation of an elector in the statutes governing special
districts that are covered by similar provisions in the
election code.

The board of directors of a special district currently consists of 5
or 7 directors elected at large. The bill provides a process for dividing a
special district into separate director districts and for members to be
elected from each director district at large or by the electors within each
director district.

Current Status:

Signed by the President of the Senate (05/06/2021)
Governor Signed (05/13/2021)

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