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Tattered Cover Presents: Criminal Justice System Reform

Join Colorado's Attorney General Phil Weiser and the ACLU of Colorado for a conversation about criminal justice reform with Rachel Barkow, Vice Dean and Professor at New York University School of Law and the author of Prisoner of Politics: Breaking the Cycle of Mass Incarceration. Sign up here and join us on May 24 at 6:30 p.m.   **Important Event Information** --.... | Read More

News | 04.27.21

ACLU Sues Mesa County Judge, Sheriffs Who Caused Boulder Woman 15 Days in Jail Without Opportunity for Pretrial Release

April 27, 2021 DENVER – In a filing this morning in federal district court, ACLU lawyers sued the Chief Judge in Mesa County, Brian Flynn, as well as Mesa County Sheriff Matt Lewis and Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle. The complaint alleges that the three defendants are responsible for unnecessarily and unjustifiably causing the ACLU’s client, Michelle Reynolds,.... | Read More

Support SB21-62: Virtual Activist Training

We need your help. If you live in Adams, Jefferson, Larimer or Pueblo, your Senator may be the deciding vote in whether pretrial justice succeeds in Colorado. Senate Bill 21-062 is being considered by the Colorado Senate. Without your support, this bill will not pass into law, and thousands of Coloradans will remain behind bars simply because they can’t afford to pay.... | Read More

Bring Our Neighbors Home: SB21-062

Cash bail should not be a death sentence. But for too many Coloradans who cannot afford to pay, it is. Knowing they do not have the money to buy their freedom, many people have died by suicide and desperation. A justice system that requires money in exchange for freedom costs lives. Join us on Thursday, April 15 at noon and learn how passing SB21-062 will give discretion.... | Read More


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Reproductive Rights
Abortion rights and access vary greatly from state to state — and sometimes even within a state. Some states have enacted laws that target and burden abortion providers,....
Racial Justice
What’s At Stake? Deep-seated systemic racism and inequities that disadvantaged communities of color are still woven into the fabric of our institutions today — from....
Pretrial Justice Reform
Pretrial Justice Reform is a multi-year, community-driven campaign to ensure that poverty is not a crime and the presumption of innocence is more than theory. Every....
Redemption Campaign
The Redemption Campaign is a statewide initiative to safely release thousands of people who pose no public safety risk from Colorado prisons by challenging Governor Polis....