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Criminal Justice | 10.14.20

Divest From Police. Invest In Communities: Advocacy 101

Over the summer, our country has watched in horror as boundless accounts of police violence against Black, Latinx and Indigenous communities and the mistreatment of protesters who rise up to speak out against these atrocities move across our news feeds and TV screens. As we bear witness to the pervasive racism that continues to plague our criminal legal system, we must.... | Read More

Vote NO on 76: Outreach Event

Amendment 76 is on the Colorado ballot this November and asks voters to amend the constitution to say "ONLY a citizen" of the US who has attained the age of 18 can vote in ANY Colorado election. The current language says "EVERY citizen." Through this change, 17 year-old's would no longer be able to vote in primary elections and there would be a permanent limit on how we.... | Read More

Take Action! Phone Bank to Oppose Colorado’s Abortion Ban – Proposition 115!

Join the ACLU of Colorado on Tuesday, Oct 20 at 6 p.m. to phone bank Coloradan’s on why it’s critical to defeat the latest abortion ban appearing on the Colorado 2020 ballot. Proposition 115 is an intentionally confusing ballot measure to ban abortion later in pregnancy, with no exceptions for health or individual circumstances. No previous phone bank experience.... | Read More

ACLU Report Finds Colorado Jail Depopulation Policies are Smart, Safe and Fiscally Responsible, Many Colorado Sheriffs Agree

DENVER – A new ACLU of Colorado report “COVID-19 Jail Depopulation in Colorado: An Unexpected Path Forward” found that jail depopulation in Colorado has been smart, safe, and thoughtful, with a clear focus on reserving jail beds for people who pose a threat to others. This report uses original data and research to assess the impact of depopulation policies implemented.... | Read More


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VOTE & Fight for a Better Future
Find the information you need to exercise your right to vote, learn about ACLU-CO endorsed ballot initiatives, and help us protect the vote and increase voter turnout! Sign....
COVID-19 Decarceration
STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 IN COLORADO JAILS AND PRISONS To protect the public health and safety of thousands of incarcerated people and the staff that work in our correctional....
Pretrial Justice
Bring Our Neighbors Home Bring Our Neighbors Home is a multi-year, community-driven campaign to ensure that poverty is not a crime and the presumption of innocence is....
Immigration The Constitution guarantees the fundamental rights of due process and equal protection to every person in this country, regardless of their immigration status. When....