Sexual Health Education Tool Kit

Advocating for Comprehensive Sexual Health Education in your schools.

What is Comprehensive Sexual Health Education?

Comprehensive sexual health education refers to learning about a variety of topics related to sex and sexuality. This includes information about reproductive organs and their function as well as building skills to help individuals understand consent, healthy relationships and set and stick to boundaries to that they can keep their bodies healthy.

Why Comprehensive Sexual Health Education?

At a time of national reckoning over sexual harassment and assault and an increase in bias incidents against LGBTQ people, it’s more important than ever that young people receive sex education that will give them the skills to navigate intimate relationships throughout their lives and ensure they are able to exercise reproductive freedom.

What is reproductive freedom?

Reproductive freedom is the legal protections that exist and that the ACLU and other organizations pursue through legislation and litigation to protect and expand the right to access reproductive health care services. People in Colorado enjoy the following reproductive freedoms:

  • Access to co-pay free birth control (Some forms are eligible for 12 month dispensing)
  • Confidential family planning services even if you are under the age of 18
  • Abortion
  • Over the Counter Emergency Contraception for anyone over 15 years old

I. Beyond Condoms: Comprehensive Sexual Health Education

• What is included in a Comprehensive Sexual Health Education program?

• The Case for Comprehensive Sexual Health Education

II. Health Education in Colorado

• Colorado Law
• Title V
• Colorado and Home Rule


III. People Power: Parent and Student Capacity for Change




IV. Organizing 101: Building a Movement


V. Organizations that support CSHE




Resources for Teens